I'm Kathryn Lyde.

Hi, I’m Kathryn! I’m the girl behind Library of Summer. I love doing graphic design and sharing it with others! Here are 5 quick things about me:

  1. I have a wonderful husband and an adorable little baby!
  2. I truly ADORE libraries—they are some of my favorite places in the world.
  3. I’m a Mormon! My faith in Jesus Christ means sooooo much to me, and I love it.
  4. My main creative passion in life is making the world around me more beautiful using the simplest means possible.
  5. During the summer, I tend to have the hobbies of a 10-year-old boy: climbing trees, practicing (attempting) parkour, and riding bikes.

Welcome to my sunlit little alcove of the web! Curl up on a cozy chair and stay a while.


Want to connect? I love new friends! Send me a little note at: libraryofsummer [at] gmail [dot] com and let's chat :)