Nursery Tour


It may have taken 6 months after the baby was born, but we finally have a finished nursery! I decided to do a neutral color scheme with a little bit of a safari theme, and I really like the way it turned out—kind of calm and comfortable feeling. The baby seems to like it, too, so mission accomplished, I guess :)


We started out with a white crib and these cute baby animal illustrations. Our favorite is the elephant, with those big, adorable ears.


My sister gave us this perfect baby rocker, which I love to look at just as much as I love to use! For the first few months after the baby was born, it was constantly on our kitchen counter so he could watch what was happening around the house and take naps as needed. 


I think this changing table may have been the best investment of our whole nursery. Before we got it, the baby HATED getting his diaper changed. He would cry and cry—it was his least favorite thing. Then, after we started using the changing table, he LOVED diaper changes! So crazy! True, the changing table arrived around the same time as a bad diaper rash was clearing up, and we realized too late that the floor (where we used to change him) may have been too cold, but it was still a huge switch from hating getting changed to loving it. Even now, he still gets so happy every time we put him on the changing table. It's a definite win.


This happy little toy tote is another item we love. I had been thinking I wanted to get a wicker basket for toys (like the one on the right with diapers in it) but I realized that, in addition to wicker being more prone to shed, the stiffness and prickliness of it might not be ideal for little hands and fluffy stuffed animals. We just happened upon this little canvas laundry tote, and it has been perfect! Our nieces and nephews love pulling it out to play with the baby, and it’s easy for them to carry around the house with the handles. Plus, no shedding :)


This rocking chair is soooo comfortable! We use it all day long for nursing, rocking, playing, and looking at books. I also use it during the night for feedings. I just love everything about it—it’s beautiful, it’s smooth and silent, it’s cozy, it’s timeless. It’s just perfect. That’s all. 


We spend so much time using the rocking chair, that we finally decided to get a small table to go next to it for holding books and a lamp. It’s just a great little size, and I love it as well.


These perfect little touches—the adorable monkey curtain tie and the wooden play gym—were made by my brother’s wife and by my sister. I found the inspiration for these on Pinterest, and my very talented family members just created them and made them even better than I had hoped! I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome people.


Last, but not least, the photo ledge! I finally finished this last week, and I think it pulls the room together nicely. The little lion sketch was done by my fabulous husband, and the crochet zebra was also created by my very talented sister in law. If you like the Tiny Explorer print, it’s available in the Library of Summer shop, so go check it out. Remember, you get a new customer discount code if you sign up for my email list!


And we can’t forget the baby! He’s the cutest part of the whole room :)

There you have it! What is your favorite part of the nursery? Do you have any fabulous suggestions to improve it? Let me know in the comments!