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Extinct TV Series

Extinct TV Show press kit and promotional materials. A futuristic sci-fi show set 400 years after the extinction of the human race. Our team developed a press kit that would give recipients an interactive experience, taking them on the same journey of discovery that the three main characters in the show go on. The press kit begins with the recipient opening a black box to find an electronic video card that plays an introductory video. The rest of the kit includes background information about the show, character profiles, and survival supplies to help them navigate their way through the post-apocalyptic planet.


Intermountain Cardiology CorCal Study

Logo Design for the Intermountain Cardiology CorCal Study. A five year, 16,000 participant study evaluating different methods of determining heart disease risk and treatment recommendations. My goal with the logo was to create something that would be easily recognizable by study participants and have a friendly and approachable feel. Because the study is focused on different methods of screening for heart disease, we thought the "check your heart" motif inside the letter o in CorCal worked particularly well to quickly and clearly convey that.


Comely Magazine Redesign

Redesign of Comely Magazine. Comely is full of "quiet moments and stories," to read with an afternoon cup of tea. I wanted to preserve the calmness and flow of the original publication, while adding a tone of sophistication to the typography and greater clarity to the interior structure.

Random Acts TV Show

Press Kit and Card Deck for Random Acts TV Show. A hidden camera show about service and positive pranks. We wanted to create a press kit that would feel like watching the show—bright, funny, entertaining, and, ultimately, uplifting. We developed a deck of 52 cards, each with a different idea for a random act of service. The rest of the kit included supplies to carry out some of the random acts, including cheeky ad-lib greeting cards, gold star stickers, and a window marker for writing guerrilla nice notes.

Studio C

Promotional materials for sketch comedy show Studio C. A bright, upbeat, sometimes silly, but always fun sketch comedy show. Studio C has a rich library of original characters that are loved by kid and adult fans alike. We worked to use the bold, solid colors and clean graphic elements of the Studio C style guide in fun, new ways for social media campaigns, seasonal promotions, t-shirts designs, and iOS stickers.


Handel's Messiah Documentary

Promotional and fund-raising booklet/identity for a BYUtv Original documentary. This booklet had to solve the challenge of promoting a television production before the actual filming began. We used historic wood-cut images and an over-printing look to create a sense of period and theme. This graphic direction was later used to inform other promotional materials.

Aunt Sally Typeface

Original typeface design. Aunt Sally is a sweet and simple typeface, great for retro-themed brands and display type. It is created using 3 basic shapes and comes in 3 weights or "flavors"—light, medium, and bold. It is unique and quirky, without sacrificing on legibility.

BYU Sports Nation

Logo design and usage guidelines for BYU Sports Nation radio and television show. A fast-paced, engaging, live sports talk show that is simulcast daily on radio and television.  I wanted the logo to convey a sense of smooth motion and order—much like a well-commentated sporting event. Different versions of the logo, including knocked out, solid, horizontal, flat, and dimensional allow for a wide range of applications.

Brookfield Zoo Identity Design

Logo and identity design for Brookfield Zoo. The logo uses shapes inspired by natural animal forms, such as claws and footprints, to form a bird symbol when read as a whole. The open spaces within the logo separate the individual shapes in much the same way that the animals at Brookfield zoo are separated by natural spaces rather than cages. The identity is friendly and approachable, without veering too far in a childish direction.


Blog Graphics

Blog article illustrations for digital marketing company. Explanetory graphics for an article about how search engine optimization is much like the high school popularity contest of the internet.

Don Quixote Book Cover

Book Cover Design for Don Quixote by Cervantes. I chose to illustrate the iconic windmill scene from the Don Quixote story for my cover of the book, portraying the duel as a playful uphill battle as seen through the eyes of the would-be knight. I wanted the illustration to be as playful and impossible as the Don Quixote character himself.